Avi Arad Talks How X-Men Toys Led to the Movies

The modern age of superhero movies has been monumental for comic book fans and geeks who grew up on arcade games, Claremont comics, and animated series airing every Saturday morning. This era also paved the way for the big screen, because we might not have gotten the X-Men movies without the success of the action figure line that made Marvel a powerhouse in the early '90s.

According to X-Men movie producer Avi Arad, the impact of the animated series and the toy line in the mid-'90s led to the execution of the X-Men movies, which helped usher in a brand new era of superhero movies that continues to dominate to this day.

"Look, X-Men will always be my first love and, as you know, I did the [animated] show from ’93 to ’97 because I related to being a mutant," Arad said to Deadline. "I really did. It was wonderful when the show did well and the best thing about it was that kids all over the world were waiting for this kind of prophecy and the toy company went crazy because everybody was collecting action figures and to me, it was, as a sign of what to do. Movies."

Added Arad, "It was really clear, you know, that if we have the right idea and we execute it right, it can’t miss. I learned from the toys and just have to convince the world that thing is entertaining, fun, thoughtful."

Arad went on to shepherd the Spider-Man franchise of films from Sam Raimi, creating one of the most successful franchises of superhero movies at the time. He now is helping Sony Pictures with the animated corner of the universe, producing Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse which has become another major success story.

It remains to be seen what Arad's impact on the future of the Marvel franchise will be with Sony Pictures, but as he continues to play a role, his passion is undeniable. He's had a huge contribution in bringing many popular heroes to the big screen, and will likely continue to play a role in shaping the future.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD.



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