The Best Selling Comic of November 2019 Revealed

marvel comics november 2019
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

As far as November is concerned, Marvel is the king of comic sales. Thursday, Diamond Comics Distributors unveiled the top-performing comic books for the month of November and books from the House of Ideas ended up falling in the top seven spots — ranging from New Mutants #1 at the top spot to Amazing Spider-Man #33 in seventh place. Titles between the two include X-Men #2, Absolute Carnage #5, X-Force #1, Fallen Angels #1, and Deadpool #1.

Falling in eighth place was Image's Undiscovered Country #1 from Charles Soule and Scott Snyder. DC's lone comic in the top ten was Tom King's Batman #82 at ninth before Amazing Spider-Man #34 closed things out. Marvel was impressive across the board, also tallying four of the top ten graphic novels and trade paperbacks shipped. In total, the New York-based outfit secured 37 percent of the total single issue market. DC came in second with 30 percent while Image Comics — the third-highest-selling publisher — locked down just seven percent of the market.

(Photo: Diamond Comic Distributors)

The news was welcomed by those at Marvel, with Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski taking to Twitter early Friday to celebrate the news. "No surprise that Marvel tops the dollar and unit market shares in November yet again, but absolutely thrilled we had the seven best selling comics in the industry!" Cebulski tweeted. "When was the last time a sweep like that happened?! Congrats to all our amazing creators, editors, retailers & fans!"


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