Black Cat Writer Gives Fans a Twitter Preview of What's Next for Felicia Hardy

It's been a crazy year for Felicia Hardy, better known as thief extraordinaire the Black Cat. In recent years she's broadened her horizons to that of kingpin and entrepreneur, but she's heading back to her high-risk thieving roots, and writer Jed Mackay gave Marvel fans several big teases of what's coming down the pike for the character. He started things out by looking back at 2019, writing on Twitter "Well, 2019 has been quite the year for Felicia. 170 pages of BLACK CAT so far, and lots more excitement for 2020! Let's take a little look at what's coming next!"

Up first is a team-up with The Beetle, and they are planning on robbing a pretty powerful target in Iron Fist. "NEXT MONTH (#8): Felicia teams up with Janice Lincoln (THE BEETLE) to bust into Danny Rand's (IRON FIST) building, while we also see her spending time with Lydia Hardy (HER MOM). We're joined by @dike_ruan and @AnnieW for this issue, and it's a banger!"

Then things head to Madrippor, and we're sure Felicia isn't going to get into any trouble there.

"And then in Issues #9-10, @kristaferanka joins Team Black Cat to show us Felicia's adventures in Madripoor, where she goes to burgle the mysterious Mr. Patch! High-octane adventure in a made-up southeast Asian country!"

"After that? Wait and see! But thanks to all of you who have taken a chance on our book so far, and to everyone who's worked on it. Here's to many more stories!"

There's also a trade coming so fans can get caught up on what's happened in the series, which is right around the corner.


"ADDENDUM: More like "addendummy", because I am a dummy and forgot that next month (1/1/2020) also sees the release of BLACK CAT TP Vol.1, GRAND THEFT MARVEL! Collects issues 1-5 and Annual #1 in one trade paperback!"

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