Here's When Black Panther Is Leaving Netflix

The grand exodus of Disney movies away from Netflix continues in March, with one of the most popular Disney-owned titles from the last few years finally set to switch streaming services. Ever since the launch of Disney+, Marvel fans have known that Black Panther would eventually be leaving Netflix and heading to the House of Mouse exclusive service, we just haven't known when. Well, thanks to a new release from Netflix, now we do. Black Panther is officially set to leave the streaming leader on March 3rd.

This probably isn't a surprise to many, considering Black Panther has been listed on Disney+ for a March arrival for some time. But this is the first time Netflix has confirmed its exit date. If you're a Marvel fan without Disney+, this is likely a big deal. If you have both, however, it will just be a matter of changing where you watch Black Panther.

Plenty of Disney and Marvel films have already left Netflix for Disney+. The House of Mouse previously had a deal with Netflix for several years, allowing all new Disney films to stream on the service after their home release windows. That contract ran out at the end of 2019 and was not renewed, meaning that no Disney project released in or after 2019 would make its way to Netflix. All new Disney films now go straight to Disney+. That also meant that all Disney movies on Netflix would have to go.

There are still a few left, but the past few months have seen Thor: Ragnarok, Coco, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi all leave Netflix and make the jump to Disney+. Black Panther is simply the next film to do so, and will be followed by A Wrinkle in Time, Avengers: Infinity War, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. The last new Disney movie to leave Netflix will be Mary Poppins Returns, which hit theaters at the very end of 2018.


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