'Black Panther' Post-Credits Scene With Winter Soldier Was Cut Down

Audiences were surprised when Black Panther ended with a post-credits scene featured Bucky Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier, seemingly cured of his HYDRA conditioning and enjoying some downtime in Wakanda.

That short scene was originally much longer in one of the edits of the film, with a lot of Bucky's interactions with Shuri being cut out from the final version. Sebastian Stan revealed the changes while speaking at a panel in Wizard World Portland, showing a more inquisitive Bucky.

"There was something really actually funny about that scene. It's definitely better the way it is now, I think. But that scene was at least 8 more minutes long than what we saw. And it was like a more inquisitive Bucky. He was kind of really going, 'What are they calling me?' And [Shuri] was telling him a little about it, and they have more of an interaction. And then he walked over and started hanging out with elders and playing with the kids, but you don't see that."

It would have been awesome to see Bucky playing with children, though the Marvel post-credits scenes tend to work better in brevity. Perhaps they will add it into

The scene does feature another major development for the character, heralding a name change to the White Wolf. Stan recently spoke at a press event for Avengers: Infinity War, revealing how he was shocked at his new superhero identity.

"Now, talking about comic books and merging them with the MCU, I want to go back and revisit the Black Panther comics because of the White Wolf situation," Stan said. "And that's a whole different line, so I didn't even see that really going that way and understanding what that could be. But it's really clever the way they do it, if you think about it. I look at that and go, 'Of course. That makes sense, that feels well.' I don't know how they think about it."

Stan will make his full-fledged debut as the White Wolf in Avengers: Infinity War, helping the warriors of Wakanda take on Thanos and the Black Order as they attempt to invade Black Panther's homeland.

Avengers: Infinity War will premiere in movie theaters on April 27th.


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