Marvel's New Video Explores Black Panther's Family Tree

In the Marvel Universe, Wakanda has a rich history with the heritage of the Royal Family and the legacy of the country's protector, the Black Panther.

A new video from Marvel explores T'Challa's expansive family tree, just in time to celebrate the release of Black Panther in theaters. Check it out in the clip above!

With art by the amazing team of Khary Randolph and Erick Arciniega, Marvel reveals the series of events that lead to T'Challa taking the throne of Wakanda and the mantle of Black Panther, beginning with his ancestor Bashenga. This first Black Panther started the lineage of royalty that would rule Wakanda.

Many generations later, Azzuri the Wise fought of invading HYDRA forces in World War II, staving off their attempts to steal the powerful metal known as Vibranium. Azzuri married Nanali and had two sons: T'Chaka and T'Shan.

T'Chaka succeeded his father as the King of Wakanda and had a son, T'Challa, though his wife died in the process of giving birth. He also adopted a child named Hunter and had another son with an unnamed woman, the skilled warrior Jakarra who would become a high-ranking member of the Wakandan army.

T'Chaka would remarry to a woman named Ramonda, who would give birth to a daughter named Shuri.

After T'Chaka's death, T'Challa assumed the throne and the mantle of Black Panther, though his sister would eventually inherit both titles as well.

The video also provides information on other members of his extended famiy, the royal court, the Dora Milaje, and some of his greatest villains — many of whom will appear in the upcoming film.

Marvel's video serves as a brief appetizer to the events of the film, capitalizing on the curiosity of fans who might not know much about Black Panther outside of his appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

Wakanda is a fascinating society that has long had an impact on many popular Marvel Comics storylines, though it has come into prominence in the last decade as T'Challa has come to the forefront as one of their key characters.


Fans will get to see Black Panther on the big screen when the film premieres in theaters on February 16th.