Black Widow's David Harbour Did Actually Get Stuck in Red Guardian Suit

After having found himself out of action for years, Red Guardian (David Harbour) had a struggle [...]

After having found himself out of action for years, Red Guardian (David Harbour) had a struggle getting back into his superhero suit, so much so, it became a recurring joke over the course of Black Widow. As Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recalls, there was one take involving the suit where Harbour legitimately got stuck in the suit and had to be helped out by crew members.

"During the shooting of Alexei getting changed into his Red Guardian suit, there was one take where he actually got stuck inside the suit and had to call for help to get out," Feige tweeted during a Black Widow watch party Monday night. "The shot even made it into the movie."

Harbour's character was a recurring theme throughout the entire watch party, with Feige revealing he hoped the actor would return to the MCU at some point in the near future. Luckily for all involved, Harbour's already plotting out his return.

"They don't let you say these things. I would love for there to be more Red Guardian, and I would love for you guys to love for there to be more Red Guardian because that always helps the cause," Harbour previously Variety about his MCU future. "I love the character, there's so many things you could do with him. There's this gap of 25 years where we don't know who was he, what is his version of events as opposed to the actual version of events?"

He added, "What happens to him after this movie, and why isn't he fighting Thanos? Where is he in that time, what happens then? And then post that, when [Natasha] dies, what happens then? It's very interesting to me and I hope that there is interest on other levels, and maybe we'll see some more."

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