Are We Getting a Blade Cameo This Year?

Will 2022 be the first year we see the Daywalker on-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? One new report circulating Monday morning suggests as much. A post by the scoopers at Cosmic Circus says we'll see the return of Mahershala Ali's Blade in Disney+'s Werewolf by Night Halloween special coming this year. While the character was heard in a post-credits stinger in Eternals he has yet to be seen—until, apparently, Werewolf by Night finally hits Disney+.

The character's appearance makes loads of sense given the characters at hand, and should he appear, it would seem another team-up won't be too far behind. Given the recent trademark filing of Midnight Suns, it's possible Marvel Studios is also adopting the moniker for a supernatural team within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since there isn't that much Blade source material to pull from, perhaps the studio is even doing the team-ups under the Blade name.

Furthermore, Eternals VFX Supervisor Stephane Ceretti recently teased Black Knight's (Dane Whitman) involvement in Blade. Whitman was the one Blade was talking to in the aforementioned stinger.

"The funny thing is my second on the show, which is Mårten Larsson my additional supervisor, is actually going to be supervising Blade very soon," Ceretti told us. "So I told him, I said, 'I'm giving that to you as a gift, use it wisely and make good out of it.' But I'm sure it's going to do actually even better." 

Beyond that, any talk of a supernatural team is nothing more than speculation. Marvel has yet to even officially announce the Werewolf by Night special, which is supposed to start filming in the coming weeks for a release in October.


Blade has yet to set a release date from Marvel.

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