Blade Star Doesn't Understand Why He Never Had a Sex Scene

On the press tour of Marvel's Eternals, Chloe Zhao has answered questions regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first official sex scene. Once upon a time, Tom Holland joked that Marvel was quick to shut down his sex scene suggestion. When it comes to a character like Blade, the Daywalker is often associated with some of Marvel's most adult comics. That's why Blade: The Series star Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones tells us he doesn't understand why the character hasn't had a sex scene in one of his projects yet.

When we asked the rapper-turned-actor for the one thing that he wanted to do in the series that never manifested, he wondered about whether or not the Daywalker would ever get intimate.

"There's one thing I didn't get do in the series," Jones told us. "I said, 'Yo, what's up? Blade can't have sex? Blade can't get a girl? What's going on here?'"

He continued, "Everybody's in love but Blade can't get no girl? You got to hook Blade up with a girl. Yo, we need a female vampire for Blade."

Pivoting away from the desire for a sex scene, Jones then praised Mahershala Ali, even giving him a tip on playing Marvel's most popular vampire hunter.

"Man, just do your thing, man. Just, be honest. Hit the thing, just like they say with 2Pac. Say he got stuck in the road juice, he left in set, he was still Bishop. When I was doing Blade, I was transfixed. I was one of my favorite actors, Giovanni Ribisi. He's a character actor, and he's on set even at lunchtime, he's still in character. I'm a ninja, so I'm still Blade in real life. So yeah, just engulf it and just go for it and make it come to life, man."

All 13 episodes of Blade: The Series are now streaming on Tubi. Marvel's Blade reboot has yet to set a release date.

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