Brian Bendis Reveals When His Final Marvel Comics Will Release

As one of Marvel's most prolific writers of the last decade, Brian Michael Bendis shocked the comics world when he announced that he signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics, set to begin in 2018.

Ever since dropping that bombshell, the clock has been ticking down to Bendis' final work for the House of Ideas, set to release in the coming year.

The writer is currently working on four different comics for Marvel, consisting of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Defenders, and Jessica Jones. Even though he had a major health scare earlier this month, Bendis said that he worked with DC and Marvel to ensure that he'd have a smooth schedule to work through the release of final issues.

First up, Jessica Jones will be ending presumably in March with issue #18.

(Photo: Brian Bendis)

His time on the street-level team up series Defenders will be wrapped one month earlier with issue #10 releasing in February.

Bendis will wrap up his multi-year run with Tony Stark with the milestone issue #600 of Iron Man, capping it off with an oversized issue. That could be released in May 2018, assuming his health scare doesn't delay the issue.

And finally, Bendis historic run that began with Ultimate Spider-Man #1 will end with with Spider-Man #240, wrapping up his time on the title and with his creation Miles Morales.

(Photo: Brian Bendis)

Bendis has been one of Marvel's greatest success stories over the last decade and beyond, penning some of their most successful events and bringing new approaches to their vast library of characters.


He'll be sorely missed, but fans can look forward to reading what new ideas he'll bring to DC Comics' legends like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman starting in 2018.

(h/t The Beat)