Falcon And Winter Soldier Creator Downplays Captain America 4 Rumors (Exclusive)

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier officially appointed Sam Wilson as Captain America in the Marvel [...]

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier officially appointed Sam Wilson as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the same day as the final episode of Marvel's Disney+ series was released, a report dropped claiming Captain America 4 was in the works with Anthony Mackie starring in the film and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier executive producer and head writer Malcolm Spellman on board for the new movie. While talking to ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview, Spellman downplayed those reports and suggested fans not get too excited until they hear such news from official sources such as Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige.

"Who said it? Did Kevin say it?" Spellman says. "I would not put faith in anything you do not hear directly from the man himself!" The reports came from reliable sources but Marvel Studios yet to confirm or formally announce any such news.

"This'll help people understand the Marvel process. They want you to just create the best shit you can create," Spellman explains, referencing inserting characters like Val, locations like Madripoor, or lingering threads for future stories. "If you're writing and Vision is in your... And you said, 'Hey, I got the great picture of Vision appearing,' they're going to tell you, 'No,' because WandaVision is coming, right? But beyond that, you are free. So we created a city that was loosely based on a real place out in Asia, where this city is where there's open air gun bazaars, there's restaurants that sell endangered species on the menu, right? That's a real place. And we created this sort of shady CIA-esque character for the end with John Walker."

"Once you do that and create your thing, Marvel starts to draw the connections to the broader MCU," he goes on. "Like we geeked out the same way the fans did when that city I just described, became Madripoor. We were like, 'Oh my God.' But they let the way... Whatever given piece how it fits into the puzzle to MCU, they don't force it in there. They don't give you preordained. You do your thing first and then they see how it fits."

As far as the future goes, Spellman is not speaking to it too strongly. The writer of the most recent Marvel show did, however, speak to one character's future as he sees potential for it. Sharon Carter was ultimately revealed to be the Power Broker in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's finale but Spellman's outlook for the character remains one of optimism. "I haven't thought about [the characters' futures]," Spellman admits. "I think Sharon, how villainous is she? I don't know. You know what I'm saying? Did she really hurt Sam at all in that storyline? You know what I'm saying? I don't know. Like to me, Sharon could go all the way bad, could come back. Who knows where she's going to go? You know what I'm saying? I don't know. I haven't put in a ton of though in it. I might've just said too much right there".

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