Anthony Mackie Thinks His Captain America Action Figure Looks More Like Jamie Foxx Than Him

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier suited Anthony Mackie up as Captain America in its final episode when his Sam Wilson character finally accepted the shield in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, updated Captain America merch (and Twitter accounts) is starting to roll out but a lot of it has yet to be seen by Anthony Mackie. Mackie appeared on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert where Colbert pulled out one of the new toys modeled after Macke's Captain America. While Mackie was excitd to see the action figure over Zoom, he did have one funny note about it.

"That's dope," Mackie said before getting a closer look at it, as can be seen in the full YouTube video. "From this distance it looks more like Jamie Foxx than me!" Ultimately, he was excited to see the figure when he got a closer look. "That's amazing," Mackie said. "I haven't seen it yet. I've never seen one of those!"

Becoming Captain America has its perks but maybe not with Mackie's family and friends. "I now understand that my family and friends, their goal is to keep me humble, so the texts with my friends we have like 20 of us on a chain," he explained. "One of my friends was like, 'Yo, you've gotta be the ugliest Captain America,' and then last week something happened in Atlanta where there's a shortage of chicken wings. Lemon pepper, man, they love lemon pepper in Atlanta. So, my boy text me and he's like, 'Look, if you're Captain America, damn it, you've gotta solve this problem. We have a shortage of wings in Atlanta so you need to do your job and come through with these wings.'"

Those family and friends are seeing a lot of their friend in the character, though. For example, Mackie is a Louisiana native and the Marvel Studios version of Sam Wilson added scenes with the character living in the southern state. "That was all Malcolm Spellman our writer," Mackie said. "Falcon has had many different incarnations throughout the course of the comic books and now in the movies...With this, Malcolm wanted to make it more of my experience, more of my voice, so I could relate to the character, he gave me little nuggets of my personal experience and put it in there to make me more comfortable with the character."

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