Captain America Writer's Tweet About Favorite Movie Moment Goes Viral

The world of superheroes offers many audiences a chance to escape from their day-to-day struggles [...]

The world of superheroes offers many audiences a chance to escape from their day-to-day struggles and anxieties and, to some, can be a source of inspiration in how we can choose to live our lives. Mark Waid, who is currently writing Marvel's Captain America title, took to Twitter to share his admiration of Captain America actor Chris Evans' response to a bullied young boy.

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(Photo: Twitter, MarkWaid)

Many social media users agreed with Waid's sentiment, as the message of gratitude for Evans' role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe racked up thousands of likes and retweets.

Late last week, Kim Jones shared a video of her son Keaton making a tear-soaked confession of the treatment he endures at the hands of bullies. Kids in his school not only make fun of his appearance and social status, but also force food into his clothing as part of regular harassment and abuse.

Kim shared this video on her Facebook in hopes of people understanding just how much pain bullies can cause, quickly spreading all across social media, with users rallying around the young boy for support.

Evans ultimately came across the message and extended a special offer to Keaton and his mother to attend the world premiere of Avengers: Infinity War next year.

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(Photo: Twitter, ChrisEvans)

The Captain America actor is only one of many celebrities sharing their support for the young boy, with Mark Hamill, WWE superstars and members of the NFL all lending their encouragement not just to the boy, but to anyone who is a victim of bullying.

Evans' co-star Mark Ruffalo also shared his support and might potentially steal Cap's guest away from him.

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(Photo: Twitter, MarkRuffalo)

In addition to all of the celebrities offering their support of Keaton and anyone else who is bullied, a GoFundMe page was started in hopes of making the Jones family's life a little bit easier. The "Stand Up For Keaton" GoFundMe page has raised nearly $60,000 for Keaton and his family, with the campaign claiming the money was meant to further his education down the line.

Keaton himself closed the video by offering the advice to anyone who is bullied that you need to stay strong because things will get better one day.

Avengers: Infinity War will be landing in theaters on May 4, 2018.

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