James Woods Takes a Shot at 'Captain Marvel'

Actor James Woods suggested moviegoers skip Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel, tweeting to his more than two million followers on Sunday they should instead "pick a movie where the studio doesn't hate half its audience."

Woods first responded to a tweet directed at "white men haters," tweeting, "We will be happy to sit this one out then."

In a subsequent tweet, Woods tweeted a variation of the 'distracted boyfriend' meme instead directing moviegoers towards the female-led Alita: Battle Angel.

Captain Marvel has been embroiled in controversy focused in part on star Brie Larson, who was first forced to respond to a "smiling controversy" accusing the cosmic-powered space warrior of being expressionless before the actress had to clarify comments made when advocating for more diverse press coverage.

"What I'm looking for is to bring more seats up to the table," Larson told FOX 5 in DC. "No one is getting their chair taken away. There's not less seats at the table, there's just more seats at the table."

Marvel Studios' first female-led film was then barraged by fake 'reviews' on Rotten Tomatoes, dropping its audience anticipation score to the lowest of any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie — an attack that forced Rotten Tomatoes to remove its "want to see" metric pegging interest in films pre-release.

"I want to go out of my way to connect the dots," Larson told Marie Claire.

"It just took me using the power that I've been given now as Captain Marvel. [The role] comes with all these privileges and powers that make me feel uncomfortable because I don't really need them… It's a by-product of the profession and a sign of the times. But any uncomfortableness I feel is balanced by the knowledge that it gives me the ability to advocate for myself and others."

Woods in recent weeks came under fire by The Walking Dead stars and fans alike after the Casino and Videodrome actor called the zombie drama an "all-chick zombie series" and an "estrogen fest."

Disney-owned Marvel releases Captain Marvel March 8, on track for a big opening weekend ahead of Avengers: Endgame, due out April 26.



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