Rotten Tomatoes Removes 'Captain Marvel' Anticipation Score in Response to Trolls

After a weeks-long campaign to bomb a certain Rotten Tomatoes score for Captain Marvel ahead of the film's release, the review-aggregating website has seemingly disabled the feature on the website. Before the "Want To See" metric was removed, Captain Marvel reportedly had a 29% rating.

Though we previously reported it as the Audience Rating, the metric was, in fact, a score that monitored the percentage of fans who had an interest in seeing the movie — basically an anticipation ranking of sorts. An Audience Rating isn't available until after the movie has hit theaters.

(Photo: Rotten Tomatoes)

Captain Marvel even found support from across the aisle this weekend when Shazam! star Zachary Levi came to the film's defense.

"I just found this out last night, and for anyone out there who thinks you're doing me a favor, you're doing Shazam! a favor, or you're doing Warner Bros.— you're not," he said. "This is not helping anyone or anything."

As with films in the past, groups have launched coordinated attacks in an attempt to lower the score. The move has been a long time coming, with Rotten Tomatoes taking steps in recent weeks to combat hateful audience comments on the movie's page.

AA similar effort took place with Black Panther, despite the Ryan Coogler-helmed film finding incredible success at the box office. Earning a staggering $700 million domestically, Black Panther made a total of $1.3 billion worldwide on its way to seven Oscar nominations, three of which it won.

Black Panther is now streaming on Netflix while Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th. Other upcoming Marvel Studios films include Avengers: Endgame on April 26th and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.



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