Captain Marvel Takes on the Movie Trolls in Avengers

Captain Marvel will figure into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way according [...]

Captain Marvel will figure into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way according to Kevin Feige, but there has been some negativity along the way. Now, in this week's issue of Avengers, the character is clapping back against the vocal fans who don't like her. Jason Aaron's series has the team battling the Heralds of Galactus and trying to reign in the new Starbrand. Things get kind of humorous while Captain Marvel takes on Firebird. She gets accused of being out of her depth and responds, "Why don't you tell me to smile more." That seems like a pointed reference to a lot of the comments around the character's theatrical debut. This is a topic that Brie Larson gets asked about a lot, and she seems rather used to it by now.

"They did? Oh. I didn't even know," Larson told Variety after being asked about the fans who slammed the film with sexist criticisms before it even hit theaters. "I don't have time for it, you know? The things that I have extra time to really look at are, like: am I eating healthy food? Am I drinking water? Am I meditating? Have I called my mom today?"

She wouldn't stop there as she went on to note the ways in which the Internet impacts not only her daily life, but also how she views herself and individual self-worth.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"More recently, I guess maybe it's because of Captain Marvel, I've had a lot of journalists be, like, 'How often do Google yourself?' I'm, like, 'I've never Googled myself,'" Larson revealed. "I have genuinely never needed to look at the internet to explain to me who I am. I'm extremely committed to that in my day-to-day life! There is really nothing more pleasurable to me than observing my mind. And interrogating myself. It is a thing I've done since I was a child. And I will do for as long as I can. And I've also been super committed to having people in my life that I believe if I start veering too far in a direction, and I need to change something or work on something, that they'll take me to dinner and be, like, 'Hey! I'm noticing this, I feel like you should look at that.' So I trust that, and I trust my experience."

The actress probably doesn't have to worry about the future with Marvel Studios too much. Star turns in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame shows that the future is bright for her character. Those comments might continue to build, but it's best to block out the noise. Her on-page contemporary already has that part down.