Chris Pratt On Chris Evans' Captain America: "It Didn't Really Work So They Ended Up Killing Him Off"

The Super Hero Fantasy Football League hosted by the directors of Avengers: Endgame and their AGBO [...]

The Super Hero Fantasy Football League hosted by the directors of Avengers: Endgame and their AGBO team is getting heated. The league consists of actors who have previously been in a super hero movie, a list which includes Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr., Michaael B. Jordan, Karen Gillan, and others. However, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are the two seeming to develop the biggest rivalry, building on their pre-existing rivalry based on their favorite NFL teams.

Pratt sent a video to the Russo Brothers ahead of his matchup with Evans this weekend. "I'm playing Evans this week," Pratt said. "Chris Evans, he's an actor, he had a short stint as Captain America but I don't think it worked out and I think they ended up killing him off. So, Evans, I'm sorry but payback's a b----. I'm gonna get you back for what your Patriots did to my Seahawks a couple years ago. I'm excited to beat his ass. That ass. Beat America's Ass, as it were."

Check out the video of Pratt and Evans talking smack over fantasy football in the video below.

"I don't know if you guys know this but Pratt and I have a bit of a football history. We went to a Super Bow together. Our respected teams were playing one another and he lost and it was tough because Pratt's such a good guy. He's hard to talk s--- to. He's a good guy. Congratulated me right away but look, buddy, this game's for charity. You know what that means: gloves are comin' off. I'm gonna step on your throat."

The league also includes ESPN Fantasy Football genius Matthew Berry, who qualifies after having a cameo appearance in Avengers: Endgame. "It still didn't totally sink in until I was on set. I kept thinking that at some point somebody would say, 'Throw him in the back. Throw him where no one can see him.' Or something like that. So it was very surreal," Berry told Really, Berry should come out on top, given that fantasy football is his job.

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