'Cloak & Dagger's Andrea Roth Reveals a "More Optimistic" Story for Melissa in Season 2

There will certainly be plenty of changes to the characters of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger in Season [...]

There will certainly be plenty of changes to the characters of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger in Season 2, especially considering how much went down in the Season 1 finale. For some characters, like Brigid O'Reilly and Tyrone's parents, those changes are dark and pretty terrifying. However, not everyone on Cloak & Dagger is trending in the wrong direction in the sophomore season. After coming to terms with her late husband's abusive nature, and restoring her relationship with her daughter, Melissa Bowen is actually doing pretty well this time around.

Cloak & Dagger Season 2 takes place about eight months after the the Season 1 finale, and Melissa has spent that time working on herself, and her relationship with Tandy, attending group counseling to help deal with her difficult past. According to Andrea Roth, who plays Melissa on the series, her character has made some serious progress since the last time we saw her.

"This season is for my character much lighter, much more optimistic, though she is an optimist at heart, but here at least it's externally also a little more solidified," Roth told ComicBook.com. "We, Tandy and I are both going to group abuse counseling together and trying to deal with our past, trying to deal with the complexity and difficulties in our relationship based on hidden secrets from the past about of course her father. And me coming to terms with maybe why I was acting out through drinking and just making poor poor choices as a human and most definitely as a mother."

Roth went on to elaborate on the point, saying Melissa and Tandy now have a better grasp on the trauma from their past, and it's helping to make their future even brighter.

"This season my relationship with my daughter Tandy is beyond beyond better," she continued. "Our house, well you can't quite tell, our house, our trailer is cleaned up a bit. We are both doing the abuse therapy together and I think it's giving both of us a deeper understanding of our pains and our wounds from the past that we've been acting out upon each other. Of course I'm the one to take the greater deal of responsibility because I am the mother who's had very poor mothering skills. But we seem to be doing much better, getting along very well. And time will tell."

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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger returns for its second season Thursday, April 4th at 8 pm ET on Freeform.


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