Cloak & Dagger Season Finale Totally Just Set Up a Runaways Crossover

Ever since Cloak & Dagger was launched on Freeform last year, most Marvel fans have been certain that the series would eventually crossover with Marvel's Runaways on Hulu. Both shows are about teenage heroes, they have similar overall tones, and they both deal with more real-world issues. To take things even further, the producers behind both shows have always been optimistic about the prospect and Tandy and Tyrone crossing paths with the Runaways at some point. It's always seems as though these two shows were destined to cross paths at one point or another, and Thursday night's Season 2 finale of Cloak & Dagger finally put things into motion. Cloak & Dagger and Runaways are surely about to collide.

WARNING: This article contains Major Spoilers from Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Season 2 finale! Continue reading at your own risk...

In the final scene of Cloak & Dagger Season 2, after defeating D'Spayre and restoring some order to New Orleans, Tandy and Tyrone are seen on a bus leaving the city. Tandy is holding a newspaper in her hands but we never see what's actually on it. That's the key that keeps this mystery vague, especially when the two start talking about the front page.

Tyrone points to the paper and asks "Is that the place?" Tandy confirms that wherever "it" is, is exactly where they're going, and that Brigid told her that dead girls have been "washing up on the beach outside of the city." Again, there's no actual context or location given to indicate where this is, other than the fact that both Tandy and Tyrone admit that they've never been there.

If you're a big fan of Marvel TV however, you already know exactly where Tandy and Tyrone are going. Los Angeles, California, home of the Runaways.

In the first season of Runaways, the teenage heroes witness their parents, aka the evil organization known as Pride, sacrifice a young woman. If you recall, that girl's body washed up on the beach outside of L.A. That's totally where Tandy and Tyrone are headed, continuing the work they started in New Orleans.

While it seems to be an obvious link between the two shows, Marvel is ready to confirm anything just yet. We spoke with Cloak & Dagger showrunner Joe Pokaski about the season finale and asked him about the crossover directly. Unsurprisingly, he didn't confirm the connection to Runaways, but he definitely didn't deny it either.

"There is enough information on the screen that you can make some of your own inferences, is probably all I can say," Pokaski told us.


From Marvel, that's about as close to a "yes" as you're ever going to get. It wouldn't be the least bit shocking if we see Tandy and Tyrone on Runaways when the third season eventually arrives.

What did you think of the Cloak & Dagger Season 2 finale? Is the crossover with Runaways finally on the way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!