'Cloak & Dagger' Clip Name Drops Major Avengers and Defenders Heroes

At tonight's Cloak & Dagger panel on location at San Diego Comic-Con, cast and crew for the hit Freeform show took to the stage in Ballroom 2 to talk about the show's future. Not only did they confirm Freeform has ordered a ten-episode second season of the show, they released a preview of episodes nine and ten of the current season.

If you listen close enough, you might hear a name drop of two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's biggest characters. As Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) approaches disgraced Roxxon CEO Peter Scarborough (Wayne Pere), she asks why he's hell bent on mining a dangerous substance and taking a chance at destroying New Orleans in the process.

Wanting power, Scarborough mentions that he needs to keep up with a few titans of industry within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most notably, he name drops billionaires Tony Stark and Danny Rand.

"In this day in age, you need to keep up with the Joneses. And the Starks. And the Rands," Scarborough tells Tandy.

The Stark/Rand name drop isn't the first of it's kind this season. This past week alone, Detective Brigid O'Reilly (Emma Lahana) name dropped Simone Missick's Misty Knight after alluding to the connection earlier in the season.

Earlier this season, ComicBook.com had the opportunity to sit down with Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb to discuss the potential for this show to crossover with other properties in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Look, it's something that we talk about," Loeb admitted. "A large time, it has to do with scheduling in a way that you're asking a different question that gets me into trouble to say '#itsallconnected.' But it is all connected, in the very basic sense that this is the world that we're living in."

Loeb elaborated on that point, saying that the reality of the Marvel Universe is what makes all of the crossover potential possible.

"One of the things that Marvel is very proud about is we don't have made-up cities, we don't have a fictional kind of world, or police force, or anything else like that," he continued. "We try to stay within the lanes of what feels like a real show, and that we carry that form show to show, and that there'll be Easter eggs, and there'll be little things along the way.

"I think if you watch the pilot or even seen the trailer, Roxxon plays a very big part in that. Roxxon is a very big entity in any Marvel property that you're using, and Roxxon only exists in the MCU, so, you have to, thereby, go, it is all connected simply because that's one of the very significant points that happens during the show."


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New episodes of Cloak & Dagger are on Thursday nights at 8pm ET on Freeform.