Charlie Cox Reveals What He'll Miss Most About 'Daredevil'

After three seasons as Matt Murdock, actor Charlie Cox has made a lot of memories in his time on [...]

After three seasons as Matt Murdock, actor Charlie Cox has made a lot of memories in his time on Daredevil. And now that Netflix has cancelled the popular Marvel Television series, it's hard to move on.

Cox recently appeared at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix where he opened up about his role in the series, revealing his fondness for the intense stunt sequences that were so prevalent on the show.

"I love the action sequences. I really enjoy engaging in them and preparing for them," said Cox. "As many of you all know, I have an amazing stunt double; Chris Brewster. He's capable of doing things I didn't know the human body could do. And I think that's probably the element that I'll miss the most about the show, is the action sequences. They were so fun.

"The great thing is, when I got this job I was very new to this kind of stuff. So I got involved as much as I could earlier on. But over four years, I got better and better and better. And so this last season, it was so nice because I was able to do so much more than I had in the first season."

The actor also lamented the fact that they wouldn't be able to explore one of the most intriguing new characters on the show, Daredevil's new foe Bullseye.

"Doing Season 3, with all of the Poindexter stuff, the Bullseye stuff, as it was slowly being revealed, I was just like 'Ah! This is so cool!'" Cox said. "And I love how what they did with the show... they don't overdo it. It just takes a little bit of time. As I was reading the scripts, I'm like, 'He's Bullseye! Is he? Yeah! Maybe not?' You're just not sure... When they showed the trailer for the first time, we all watched it and they showed the image of the cap with the bullseye. Everyone was freaking out, man! It was so cool.

"That's, I think, the biggest- the thing that I'm most sad about is that we won't get to really explore that relationship going forward. The Bullseye-Daredevil relationship."

The final season of Daredevil is now streaming on Netflix. If you're looking for a new Marvel series to hit the streaming platform, the second season of The Punisher premieres on January 18th.