Black Widow: David Harbour Says Movie Is "Unlike Anything" He's Done, Praises Director Cate Shortland

Thanks to the magic of paparazzi and curious bystanders in Budapest, we know Black Widow has [...]

Thanks to the magic of paparazzi and curious bystanders in Budapest, we know Black Widow has officially begun principal photography overseas. The movie still hasn't officially been announced by Marvel Studios, but that isn't stopping those involved with the film from expressing their excitement, including Stranger Things star David Harbour. We spoke with Harbour earlier today and though he was pretty quiet regarding all-things Black Widow, the actor was sure to point out just how grand and epic the movie will be when it (presumably) hits theaters next year.

Like any good production, the director is the glue that holds it all together and according to Harbour, Black Widow helmer Cate Shortland is as good as they come. In fact, Harbour says she's the best director he's ever worked with.

"This woman, Cate Shortland, who is directing this movie is one of the best directors I've ever worked with," Harbour tells "She's so, so smart, and makes such beautiful indie movies. The fact that you'd put someone like that at the helm of one of these huge action movies — and she pays such attention to the story and such attention to character — speaks volumes."

Even though starring in the sci-fi/horror hit Stranger Things, Harbour was still sure to point out the film is unlike anything he's been a part of before — from the size of the film to the passionate crew members involved in getting the movie into theaters.

"The fact that these guys are so good at what they do, and so passionate about what they do, it feels tremendous," he continues. "I'm very, very happy with the situation, working on it now. It's on a scale and on a passionate level unlike anything I've ever done."

As it stands now, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has reiterated the production house is waiting for Spider-Man: Far From Home to come and pass before unveiling their next slate of movies. Since blockbuster productions aren't the easiest things to hide, we know Black Widow, The Eternals, and Shang-Chi are all in various stages of development with all three films set to start production at some point in the next six months, most likely.

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Black Widow has yet to get a release date from Marvel Studios, but will likely bow May 1, 2020. Stranger Things Season Three debuts on Netflix July 4th.