Josh Brolin Talks Playing Cable For Multiple X-Men Films

When Josh Brolin appears in the X-Men movie universe as Cable next year, it will not be a one time appearance. After debuting in Deadpool 2, Brolin will also headline the X-Force movie spinning out of it and could even appear in a third movie focusing on the Merc with the Mouth.

The actor asked if it was weird to sign up for a character over multiple years, appearing in four different films, while in a discussion with Collider.

"No. We'll call it our limited series. This is our limited series," Brolin said. "Going back to really fun writing. It's a great tone, anything goes. It's a really fun stretch for me to be involved in that comedic community."

Brolin is no stranger to commitments like this, having appeared as Thanos in a couple of different scenes throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this is a lot more substantial, it seems.

The actor also mentioned his reluctance to sign on for the role of Cable when it was first offered to him, but a shift in his schedule and some prodding from his wife Kathryn Boyd caused him to change his mind.

"At first I was like, 'I don't know. I want to do George and Tammy [Ed. Note: a film about George Jones and Tammy Wynette, costarring Jessica Chastain].' My wife - thank god - said to just read it. 'Why are you even talking, just read it.' I was thinking [too big] about the four-picture deal. So, on my phone I remember I read it.

"It was so reverent and funny and hysterical that once I got through it I was like, 'that's it' and I had no idea [about] the fan-base. I had no idea what it represented, and I think we've made something really special."


It sounds like he's really excited for his future in the X-Men franchise, specifically Deadpool's humorous corner. But will Brolin be the straight man to balance Deadpool's comic relief? Or will Cable be a crackin' wise as well?

We'll find out when Deadpool 2 premieres in theaters on June 1, 2018.