'Deadpool 2's Josh Brolin Says Cable Required A Massive Scale Difference In Prep Than Thanos

Preparing for the role of Cable was much more demanding for Josh Brolin than getting into [...]

Preparing for the role of Cable was much more demanding for Josh Brolin than getting into Thanos-mode was.

Brolin sat down with Comicbook.com for an exclusive interview, where he detailed the time leading up to his work on Deadpool 2 as the time-traveling anti-hero Cable, which overlapped his work as mo-cap Thanos on Avengers: Infinity War, saying the difference can only be measure "on a massive scale."

"Even though there's a movement coach [on Avengers: Infinity War], and Terry Notary who is a great movement coach who is really good friends with Andy Serkis and that whole thing that they did in the mo-cap thing. That was great but I didn't have to be in great shape. There were cheat days every day."

When it came time to shape up for Cable, a more-traditional super hero role requiring the super hero physique, Brolin managed to impress one of the most in-shape super hero actors in the market.

"Then we got into this thing, and I was still doing Avengers, and I remember seeing Dave Bautista in Gold's Gym and he's looked at me and he goes, 'What happened to you? What'd you do?'" Brolin recalls. "Which was like the greatest compliment, the great kudos you would get!"

Going forward with X-Force or Deadpool 3, Brolin is setting the bar at Drax actor Bautista. "The goal next time is to get as close to Bautista as possible but I only had 11 weeks so I did whatever I could to do be as good looking and sculptured as I became," Brolin said.

The hard work ultimately paid off, though. Brolin found himself working with John Wick director David Leitch, who pulls a tremendous amount of effort from his actors for intense action sequences. "I did a four and a half minute no cut fight sequence [in a previous film]. I've done that kind of stuff," Brolin said. "But I had a really good time with [David Leitch]. Those fight sequences, when it comes to him, we would rehearse these fight sequences and then we'd show up and he'd be like, 'Why don't you change that? Change that?' And I'm going, 'No!'" In the end, it worked out, and Brolin's 50-year-old body survived.

As for playing both Thanos and Cable in movies which release just three weeks apart, the actor didn't initially expect such a fact to be the subject of so many Deadpool jokes heading into the film's release. "I had a feeling there'd be a Goonies joke just because he's a pop guy," Brolin said. "The Thanos thing, I didn't think of it in those terms, and then when it started to materialize and people started to focus on Infinity War, of course he's going to take that marketing possibility and exploit it as much as possible!"

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on May 18, 2018.