'Deadpool 2' Trailer Has A 'Goonies' Easter Egg

Now that the Deadpool 2 trailer is out, fans are dissecting the footage to learn everything they can about this pivotal chapter of the X-Men Movies Universe! It's only taken a few hours, but one eagle-eyed fan has managed to connect Wade Wilson's (Ryan Reynolds) wardrobe to one of the most famous movie around:

That's right, a Goonies reference in what otherwise seems like a mundane scene of ">Deadpool 2! It's ironic that Wade Wilson would be wearing a shirt in reference to Chunk, as there's surely a joke somewhere in there about how Wade Wilson now looks like Sloth, Chunk's deformed brute buddy. A shot of Blind Al wearing Chunk's shirt and Wade in Sloth's Superman tee-shirt and suspenders would've been pretty spot-on. But we digress...

As Ryan Parker says, this kind of deep-bench referencing is a clear sign that Deadpool 2 is going to be a minefield of Easter eggs and clever references - in addition to all the X-Force team movie setup we're going to be getting.

So far, the reaction to the Deadpool 2 trailer has been pretty strong - though fans are not without their fair share of concerns. The biggest points of contention right now are the look of Zazie Beets' Domino, the vagueness of the sequel's storyline, and larger X-Men movie universe connections.


The X-Men Movie Universe continues with Deadpool 2 on May 18th; X-Men: Dark Phoenix on November 2nd; and The New Mutants on February 22, 2019.