'Deadpool 2': Is That Shatterstar in the Trailer?

20th Century Fox today released a new full trailer for Deadpool 2 and one shot may reveal the [...]

20th Century Fox today released a new full trailer for Deadpool 2 and one shot may reveal the inclusion of original X-Force member Shatterstar.

The moment comes when Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) stands in an aircraft's hangar surrounded by other mercenaries. He's flanked by Domino (Zazie Beetz) and an unidentified character played by Terry Crews. Standing behind him are two other unidentified characters. A closer look shows the character is wearing some hefty headgear, which may peg him as the warrior known as Shatterstar.

Shatterstar was created by Rob Liefeld (who also co-created Cable and Deadpool) and Fabian Nicieza for the original X-Force comics. Also known as Gaveedra-Seven, Shatterstar was a warrior from the Mojoverse – a bizarre world based on the rules and laws of television – where he was a gladiator in televised arenas. Shatterstar is dedicated to the warrior lifestyle, which made him a great addition to Cable's paramilitary mutant outfit X-Force.


The inclusion of Shatterstar in the film has not been formally announced, so this may end up being someone else with a strangely similar headpiece. It is also unclear who the actor playing that character, whoever it may be, is.

Fox was at one point rumored to be casting for someone to play Shatterstar. It was suggested that this was to film a post-credits scene in Deadpool 2 that would tease the future of the franchise, including the new team movie based on X-Force. That film is already said to include the return of Deadpool and Cable. Drew Goddard is attached to direct.


Principal photography for Deadpool 2 took place in Vancouver, British Columbia from June until October 2017. Fox is currently showing the film to test audiences.

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Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on May 18.

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