Deadpool Gets a Line of Adorable and Collectible Funko Mystery Minis

Funko has given Deadpool his own Mystery Minis collection, and the figures are some of the most [...]


Funko has given Deadpool his own Mystery Minis collection, and the figures are some of the most adorable that we've seen in the series. By the looks of things, you'll be giggling even as you go broke attempting to hunt them all down.

You can get started with a random 4-pack for $24.99, or dive into the hunt big time by going with the display case option for $67.99 with shipping slated for May/June. The display case includes 12-individually packaged mini figures. Keep in mind that the figures are in blind packaging and the item selection is random. You never know which figures you'll get. Personally, I've got my fingers crossed for Chicken Deadpool and Mermaid Deadpool.

Wizard Deadpool is definitely on my wish list as well, but I'll have to seek those out at GameStop along with the Cheerleader and Clown versions. The Knight, Robin Hood and Samurai Deadpools are exclusive to Hot Topic, and Old Lady, Boxer and Hula Deadpool are exclusive to Target. Those figures will also be available in their respective stores in the May/June timeframe.


On a related note, the Deadpool 2 Funko Pop lineup is absolutely amazing - especially the Deadpool Bob Ross and the Cable figure. You can pre-order all of the new stuff in the Deadpool Funko lineup right here, but a breakdown of the individual items goes like this:

POP! Marvel: Deadpool Parody- Negasonic
POP! Marvel: Deadpool Parody- Domino
POP! Marvel: Deadpool Parody- Cable
POP! Marvel: Deadpool Parody- Colossus
VYNL: Marvel Comics - Deadpool & Cable
SuperCute Plush: Deadpool Assortment
POP! Ride Marvel: Deadpool - Deadpool & Scooter
POP! Marvel: Deadpool Playtime - Deadpool in Robe
POP! Marvel: Deadpool Playtime - Deadpool Clown
POP! Marvel: Deadpool Playtime- Bob Ross
Blind Bag Keychain: Deadpool (Case) / Random 4-Pack
POP! Marvel: Deadpool Parody- Deadpool

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