Deadpool Creator Doesn't Know How a Spider-Man Crossover Could Happen

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld doesn’t know how a Spider-Man crossover could happen. The legend [...]

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld doesn't know how a Spider-Man crossover could happen. The legend spoke to's Brandon Davis during our Quarantine Watch Party Pre-Show. (You can check that out above!) The topic of teaming Deadpool up with multiple characters came up, and of course, everyone wants to know what the deal is with Spider-Man. Well, for Liefeld, the inter-company relationships and all the red tape involved make the prospect of a Spider-Man crossover pretty tough. Sony owns the rights to Spidey and it would all be a question of if the company would lend Disney the character in that regard.

"See, now there you go! So, that's great. But, my immediate reaction is that he's a Sony property," he explained. "I know that you don't, I know that I don't fully understand what that interaction is. If you told me that Deadpool was going to run through the next ten minutes of a Spider-Man movie… Spider-Man and Deadpool is the biggest pairing. I just don't understand the Sony/Disney relationship. As I understand it, it's a movie at a time right? I always go, 'what does Disney have?' Sony is a different animal."

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"Deadpool has had some fun interactions with Hulk in the comments, and I think things are always richer when they'r taken from the page," Liefeld said. "I think fans would go crazy if they saw Ruffalo's Hulk in Deadpool. That's been my go-to answer for the last year or so."

Marvel has done this dance numerous times with Spider-Man, most infamously having the hero out of the MCU for a minute over last summer. The new agreement is in place as fans just wanted to see Tom Holland complete his arc alongside the other Avengers. That is happening and the star says that the next movie featuring the Wall-Crawler will be absolutely wild. The question of how Deadpool will fit into the larger MCU also looms large. But, it will be a while before we hear anything on a Spider-Man/Deadpool team-up on screen.

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