Deadpool Creator Declined Cameo In 'Deadpool 2'

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld elected not to appear in Deadpool 2 after making a cameo in the [...]

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld elected not to appear in Deadpool 2 after making a cameo in the character's first film.

Liefeld was offered an opportunity to appear not only in Deadpool 2, having created the comic book character upon which Ryan Reynolds' sarcastic mercenary is based, but also in the DC Universe's Titans "Hawk & Dove" episodes. Of course, this doesn't mean Deadpool didn't take a laughable jab at Liefeld in the film, calling him an artist "who can't draw feet."

Liefeld shared the news of turning down the cameo opportunities on Twitter.

"I declined cameos in both Deadpool 2 and Hawk & Dove episodes of Titans," Liefeld said. "I'm the anti-cameo guy." The whole cameo-in-your-characters-show-or-movie thing was made famous by Stan Lee, who has a long-running history of popping into scenes including his Marvel Comics characters.

Still, Liefeld has expressed a tremendous amount of excitement for seeing characters which he created coming to live-action life. Having re-imagined Dove for DC Comics, the character went on to play a key role in the Titans series, which Liefeld opened up about in an interview with

"Dove was my first assignment, Hawk and Dove," Liefeld said at the show's New York Comic Con premiere. "They hadn't had a comic in over a decade and the Kessels (Karl and Barbara) had come to me and I read the treatment and I was like, 'I have got to be a part of this because Dove, this version of Dove, will take. We will transform it,' because the relationship becomes more romantic, more dangerous. Taking away from being his brother to this stranger and again, he didn't know that she's Dove in the early issues.

"So the fact that she's coming to life as Minka Kelly is ridiculous. And Geoff Johns sent me pictures from the set last year and said 'You're going to love the way they look' and he had all these shots...and they nailed. And that's when I knew these characters were going to be great...With the trailers, I wasn't prepared for her to put a finger through a dude's face and rip it off, but I'm so excited."

Once Upon A Deadpool is hitting theaters in PG-13 fashion on December 14. Titans is available now on the DC Universe streaming service.