Did Marvel Just Introduce Wolverine's Daughter?

Wolverine continues to be one of the most popular Marvel characters, and even death couldn't stop him for long. With someone who has been around for so long, you can expect them to hold onto some secrets, though in Wolverine's case he probably has so many even he can't keep track of them all. That's why even he can't quite figure out if the new person that shows up to bail him and the remaining X-Men out of a bad situation is actually his real daughter, though it appears she very well might be. Spoilers incoming for Marvel Comics Presents #6, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

The story starts off with the classic 90s X-Men going on a mission to face an old enemy of Logan, though as he explains, it's an enemy he's only faced 4 times, and the last time was over 20 years ago. The demon's name is The Truth, and he shows up every 20 or so years at the worst possible place. If someone doesn't banish him there and then he won't be able to be contained and then gets stronger with every person he kills.

That's why Wolverine and the crew head off to take him down, taking Talisman with them so they could use a spell to banish the creature. Unfortunately, she falls during the battle, as do other X-Men, leaving only Wolverine, Colossus, and Jean Grey left. All hope is gone until a mysterious woman shows up, who is sporting glowing bone claws that are a lot like Logan's claws.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Her claws are able to cut Truth, and she lops off his arm and head before banishing him into a portal. After the fight she apologizes and tells Logan that they told him not to come. When Colossus asks Logan who she is, he says "I don't know Colossus, but I'm pretty sure she's my daughter."

That brings up a number of questions, including who her mother is (she's sporting long blonde hair), how she has claws too, and why hers are different than Logans. We'll have to wait until next issue to get answers it seems, but you can check out the spoiler images above.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics Presents #6 is written by Ed Brisson, Tim Seeley, and Charles Soule and drawn by Paulo Siqueira and a cover by Arthur Adams. You can check out the full description below.


"Welcome to the 1990s, by far the most embossed, holographic and collectible era of them all! First up, that Adamantium foil hero Wolverine gets a real shock during his Vigil! Then, Deadpool gets into the collectibles market at JUST the wrong time! And finally, a new Marvel U status quo for Danny Ketch who caught fire as the Ghost Rider of the era!"

Marvel Comics Presents #6 is in comic stores now.

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