Did Marvel Just Bring Back The SPOILER Universe?

Marvel Legacy is all about revival and restoring, but that still couldn't have prepared readers for what Spider-Men II had in store.

Spoilers incoming for Spider-Men II #5, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

One of the biggest developments in Marvel's recent history is the destruction of the Ultimate Universe. That occurred in Secret Wars, where the 616 and Ultimate universes collided, creating a scrap heap universe of various pieces until reality was fixed into what it is now. It seems though the Ultimate universe might not be as dead as everyone thought.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales have their hands full with the Taskmaster, and the 616 Miles (the one lived here before the ultimate Miles crashed the party) uses the chaos to slip by and activate a device. The device he activates opens up some sort of purple energy field, but before he can enter Miles (Ultimate, the good one) shows up. Before he can ask him much of anything 616 Miles (the bad one) shoots him in the shoulder and enters the portal. Miles gives chase but the portal is hooked up to an explosive device, and the resulting explosion destroys it.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

616 Miles collects himself to look upon a world that looks like his but is a bit, different. He finds what he was seeking in a local wine bar, but his reunion is cut short when something comes careening through the wall. That turns out to be the Green Goblin, but this is decidedly the Goblin of the Ultimate Universe, and the person who punched him through the wall is none other than Spider-Man.

Here's the thing, it is Peter Parker, not Miles.

That's big, but Spidey introduces the rest of his gang, which includes Spider-Woman, Thor, Captain America, Giant Man, Hulk, Human Torch, and RiRi as Iron Man.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

A lot to unpack there, mostly because characters like Thor, Human Torch, Giant Man, and of course Peter Parker all died at various points leading up to Secret Wars before the entire universe was dissolved. The Maker (the evil Reed Richards) is still alive and kicking on 616 Earth, and has even hinted that this could be the case in the past, so maybe this is the start of a full return.


There are way more questions than answers, but you can check out the spoiler images above.

Spider-Men II #5 is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Sara Pichelli and is in comic shops now.