Did Marvel Just Kill SPOILER in Spider-Man?

For two years and fifty issues, writer Nick Spencer has been weaving a web in The Amazing Spider-Man that has put the wallcrawler up against a new villain in the demonic Kindred. Last week's issue of the series finally brought things to a boiling point though as not only are many of Peter's allys consumed with demonic energy and tearing the city apart, but he was forced to literally come face-to-face with the literal corpses of figures from his past. As the issue concludes, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man made a deal with the villain, a seemingly irreversible one at that. Full Spoilers for Amazing Spider-man #52 below.

After being forced to see the decayed bodies of Flash Thompson, Ned Leeds, Jean DeWolff, J. Jonah Jameson Sr., Marla Jameson, and Uncle Ben; and seeing the carnage caused by the demonic influences controlling Ghost-Spider, Spider-Girl, Miles Morales, Silk, Spider-Woman, and Madame Web, Peter pleads with Kindred for it to stop. His offer? To take him instead, kill Peter and end the rest of this. Pete may not know what he was getting into with this though as Kindred accepts quickly and then proceeds to snap his neck.

marvel kills spoiler
(Photo: MARVEL)

So is that it? Is Spider-Man dead....again? Well despite this definitive snap on the final page, it seems incredibly unlikely for two major reasons: 1. Solicits for the next six issues of The Amazing Spider-Man have already been released (with issue #53 arriving tomorrow!), and 2. Marvel didn't make a big deal about his death happening in a giant press release (a frequent mark of comic book hero deaths in the modern era). The solicitation for Amazing Spider-Man #57 even includes the line "Spider-Man continues to pick up the pieces and try to put his life together." So don't expect this death to stick.

We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow's new issue means for the future of the wallcrawler. He's escaped death before but never without another major change to his world, and we can only imagine that he'll wish he'd stayed dead once he learns that the villain he's been fighting this entire time is none other than Harry Osborn. You can read the full solicit for tomorrow's issue below.


(W) Nick Spencer (A) Mark Bagley (CA) Patrick Gleason
o If you think you've seen a brutal Spider-Man fight before, you are wrong.
o Do not miss this issue.