New Disney+ Listing Seemingly Removes Agents of SHIELD From MCU Continuity

Agents of SHIELD fans hoping the show remained in the same continuity of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe might want to look away. Tuesday afternoon, fans of the MCU located in international markets started to notice a pretty massive change for the show — it's now listed under the "Marvel Legacy Movies and Series" section wherever it is available on Disney+. What does that mean for the show, exactly? The other properties in the section include 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four, Hulu's Runaways, and any X-Men fare available on the streamer. Since everything else listed is officially non-canon, that means things aren't looking too great for the beloved ABC show.

Since Agents of SHIELD is still streaming on Netflix in the United States, you won't see the change stateside. As The Direct points out, however, the change has taken place in Brazil and other international markets the show is streaming on.

disney plus agents of shield
(Photo: Disney+ Brazil)

As it stands now, it's assumed shows like SHIELD and Netflix's DefendersVerse are a part of the MCU as that's how the world was initially sold between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television. Characters like Clark Gregg's Phil Coulson have crossed over between film and television without much impact on the respective storylines. In fact, there was once a time Kevin Feige himself said fans will "just have to see" if any more television to film crossovers could take place.

"On rumors of #AgentsofSHIELD characters returning, Feige says, 'There are often rumors that are true and there are often rumors that are not. It was great fun to have Clark Gregg come back to the MCU in Captain Marvel… Everything else, we'll just have to see," the Marvel Studios executive said earlier this year.

All seven seasons of Agents of SHIELD are currently streaming on Netflix.

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