Doctor Doom Movie Writer Reveals How Kevin Feige Reacted to Question About Fantastic Four

It was a few years ago that headlines went live confirming plans for a Doctor Doom movie were in [...]

It was a few years ago that headlines went live confirming plans for a Doctor Doom movie were in the works. High off his work from Legion, Noah Hawley was set to oversee the project, but things got murky when rumors spread that Disney would be buying out 20th Century Fox's movie titles. As it turns out, the rumors came to pass, and Doctor Doom was put in doubt by all. Now, Hawley is giving fans an update on the project, and it turns out the writer even spoke with Kevin Feige about the film.

Recently, Hawley sat down with UPROXX for a quick chat, and it was there he opened up a bit about Doctor Doom. Not only did the creator reveal a bit more about his original pitch's tone, but Hawley confirmed he spoke with Marvel Studios' president about Doom and the Fantastic Four.

"I mean, it combined genres. And it's sort of a Cold War parallel film. And I really like it. I've been too busy to really lean on them, and they certainly haven't called me on the phone. And during my sit down with Kevin Feige, when he asked about the Doctor Doom movie, he said, 'Are you still working on it?' And I said, 'Should I still be working on it?'," he told the site.

As for how Feige responded, Hawley said things got a bit ambiguous from there.

"I said, 'I assume you guys have a plan in a drawer somewhere for the Fantastic Four.' And [Feige] smiled a little bit, but would neither confirm nor deny. But yeah, I think it would be a great comic book movie certainly."

Of course, the Marvel fandom has been buzzing about a legitimate MCU attempt at the Fantastic Four. For years, such a project was prevented thanks to Fox's ownership of the film rights, but those belong with Disney now. It seems like it is just a matter of time before Marvel Studios delves into the superhero family, but the question is whether or not Hawley will be involved.

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