Doctor Strange 2: Anson Mount Shares Stunt Video From Marvel Set

By now the secret is out: one of the most pleasant (but ultimately horrifying) parts of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the return of actor Anson Mount in the role of Black Bolt. Mount got his big break (up to that point) when he was cast as Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans, in Marvel Television's Ihumans TV series. Unfortunately, Inhumans was a victim of a bad run at Marvel TV in late 2010s (see also: Iron Fist), but fans generally embraced Anson Mount in the role. 

The love of Anson Mount's Black bolt was strong enough for Marvel Studios to bring him back in Doctor Strange 2 – but not strong enough to keep director Sam Raimi from horifically butchering him. Thanks to Scarlet Witch's reality-warping powers, Black Bolt get a Matrix twist when his mouth was erased form his face; his sonic voice ended up backfiring and blowing out Black Bolt's skull in a horrific bubble.

Black Bolt confronted Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) alongside his fellow Illuminati members of Earth-838. When Scarlet Witch piloted her Earth-838 variant into battle against the Illuminati, Black Bolt made a grand superhero landing in the lobby to confront the villain. Well, now Anson Mount is sharing video of how he practiced for that scene:

The Illuminati sequence was the big Marvel Cinematic Universe expansion portion of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but what's crazy is that the collection of big actors/characters was never a real milestone moment on set! Elizabeth Olsen, Sam Raimi, and others have each revealed bits of how Multiverse of Madness filmed all of the Illuminati scenes and battle scenes in pieces, with various actors never even seeing each ohther in real life. The biggest headline generator has been Elizabeth Olsen admitting she never met John Krasinksi or Patrick Stewart, despite Wanda clearly interacting with (and phsyically murdering) Reed Richards and Professor X: "I've never met them. Movie magic," the actor joked with CinemaBlend. It would be interesting to know just who Anson Mount got to meet and interact with on set. 

As for the future: Black Bolt is such a pivotal character in Marvel lore that Anson Mount could very well be brought back again. At the same time, the actor is far from starved from work: he bounced from the ruins of Inhumans into taking on a leading role in Paramount's Star Trek TV Universe. He currently headlines the Star Trek Strange New Worlds series on Paramount+.