Doctor Strange 2 Filmmaker Confirms Illuminati Members Were Last-Minute Additions

It's been known for quite some time Marvel is constantly writing the scripts for its various projects, oftentimes changing lines on the fly while filming. Even when it comes to major appearances, things can change at the drop of a hat. Case in point, Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Reed Richards (John Krasinski) were late additions to the film. So late, in fact, the production crew didn't have time to make practical costumes for the actors.

"Yeah, I feel sorry for [Marvel VFX supervisor] Janek Sirrs that he had to shoehorn those in at the last moment. We had designs for other characters, and then we didn't have casting and there were travel bans," Multiverse of Madness costume designer Graham Churchyard said in a recent interview with ComicBookMovie.

He added, "When we were shooting the Illuminati in London, actors like Sir Patrick couldn't come to London because of travel. Richie Palmer and everyone had a big wish list of like who was going to be in the Illuminati. When it came down to those two characters being settled on, it was then even too late to make something locally in Los Angeles. Just way too late and too close."

Churchyard added that not all Illuminati members donned a VFX suit. When it comes to Lashana Lynch's multiversal Captain Marvel, that was a practical design.

"Lashana Lynch as Captain Marvel...we built that entirely from scratch. We start with a 3D scan in a photogrammetry booth, and then we work out a form of the person and start building the costume on top of that and sculpt things in the computer," the designer continued. "We're then printing those out, moulding them, and then get to the point where we say, 'Let's bring the actor in for a fitting' and fine-tune it until you get something like that. I was really happy with Lashana's costume. The fit and performance, and she was able to fight. All I'm saying is a lot was cut and it's a very quick end for the Illuminati. We shot a ton more, but maybe it'll be on the Blu-ray."

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