Doctor Strange's Benjamin Bratt Optimistic About a MCU Comeback

Benjamin Bratt's small but crucial role in Doctor Strange may have concluded with an ambiguous post-credits scene, but the actor thinks that there may be room to see more of the character.

Speaking with IGN at the Television Critics Association press tour earlier this week, Bratt said he was hopeful that he might return should there be a sequel.

"Let's just say I'm optimistic that it will turn into something. There's been no promise. There's been no real conversation," Bratt said.

A character original to the MCU, Bratt's Jonathan Pangborn is a paraplegic who miraculously recovered from his injuries. Pangborn ends up introducing Strange to magic and leads him to the discovery of Kamar-Taj and The Ancient One, with Strange later realizing that Pangborn's miraculous ability to walk came from channeling magical energy into his body.

The film's post-credits scene shows Mordo confronting Pangborn, stripping the man of his magic and threatening him, with Mordo remarking that the world's biggest problem is "too many sorcerers." It's left open if Mordo killed Pangborn and Bratt thinks that ambiguity is deliberate, noting that he would jump at the chance to return to the character.


"Do you want to fly to London for a day to shoot a Marvel movie with Benedict Cumberbatch? Um, hell to the yes. That was an easy decision. I think they left it, as you said, purposely ambiguous, but my hope is they bring that character, Pangborn, back," Bratt said.