'The Gifted' Star Emma Dumont Dresses As X-23 For Halloween

Emma Dumont, one of the stars of Fox's X-Men television series The Gifted, chose the perfect costume this Halloween by dressing up as another X-Men character.

Dumont plays Lorna Dane, aka Polaris on The Gifted, but for Halloween, she dressed up as Laura Kinney, aka X-23, the teenage girl clone of Wolverine.

Take a look below.

X-23 was originally created by Craig Kyle for the X-Men: Evolution animated series in 2003. She proved popular enough to be brought into the Marvel Comics universe in 2004. Since then she's become a mainstay of the X-Men and X-Force teams and has currently taken over as Wolverine since Logan's death.

X-23 made her cinematic debut played by Dafne Keen in Logan earlier this year. Director James Mangold is now working with Kyle on an X-23 spinoff movie script.

X-23 is considered to be the daughter of Wolverine, but Dumont's character, Polaris, has a famous mutant father of her own, the powerful master of magnetism, Magneto, a relationship that is maintained in The Gifted and will inform her character going forward.

"There's no hint; she's Magneto's daughter, we all know it," Dumont told ComicBook.com at New York Comic Con. "She's heard rumors about who her true father is. I think she knows that her biological dad is not actually her biological dad. But of course, she's heard rumors from different people. He was a villain, he was a bad guy, he has the wrong beliefs, he hurt people. So she's kind of struggling with this, thinking 'I'm that way. I think those things… What does that mean for me? Am I bad or am I good? No, I'm good. I want the right things.' So she has the same aggression and stubbornness."

In a separate interview with ComicBook.com, Dumont expressed a real passion for the X-Men universe and the themes The Gifted is exploring.


"The X-Men have always been about outcasts, and our show is straight-up about bigotry," Dumont said. "About vile, vile bigotry, and we need to see that on TV."

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.