Falcon and the Winter Soldier Might Be Adding Major Marvel Villain

The first adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will take place on Disney+ is currently in production, and fans are excited for what's in store when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres and gives us our first look at the post-Avengers: Endgame world. While set photos have shown us our first looks at Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, and Baron Zemo in the new Marvel Studios series, there haven't been many surprises when it comes to other familiar faces in the franchise. But it sounds like the big villain from Marvel Studios could play a major role in the new series.

According to the paparazzi photographer known as Atlanta Filming in a deleted post, a surprising villain could be making an appearance in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Some people assumed it could be Ghost, given the phrasing of the photographer's statement, but that's not exactly what's going on here.

Instead, it sounds like we're getting a very surprising character that should throw Marvel fans off guard.

There has been no word of Ghost appearing in the Disney+ series, more has there been any indication that actress Hannah John-Kamen would be joining the cast. But her Marvel debut indicated that there were future plans in place for her character, and fans might have to keep waiting for Ant-Man 3 to find out what those plans entail.

Not sure which production this could be for, I’d assume Falcon and Winter Soldier if they’re still filming in Georgia. from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Previously John-Kamen was asked about a potential return to the MCU for Phase 4, and the actress kept her lips tight regarding any hints of Ghost's next appearance.

"In the MCU, you have to sign your contract with blood and they stitch your mouth together." John-Kamen said to Yahoo! "All I can say is that Ghost didn't die."

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has made it clear that they left Ghost on the table for a reason, indicating that they have big plans for the character in the future.


"In this case, the story was always – spoiler! – to keep her around." Feige said to Birth.Movies.Death. "This was not the story of defeating a villain and everybody cheering. This is a different kind of villain story. When and where – in the tag, he mentions 'his new Ghost friend' – is something we'll see. But there's nothing better than struggling over the decision about what characters to bring into a movie, casting those characters, writing and putting them together in a way that works in the movie, and then have audiences go 'We love them, when are we going to see them again?' Shuri for sure is a great example of that. So with Ghost it is, step one: complete. As for step two, we'll see where we go with that."

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is expected to premiere on Disney+ later this year. Who is this mysterious villain? We'll find out when the show finally debuts.