The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 Will Be Lengthiest Episode Yet

Just like its predecessor, the runtimes for episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier appear to be getting longer the deeper the show gets into its run. WandaVision's finale ended up being the longest episode of the series, and when the third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier drops on Friday, that seems to be the same case. According to a new leak on Reddit, the runtime for Episode 3 is clock in at 54 minutes, give or take a minute or two depending on where you're located.

The latest leak comes from Redditor u/Plenty_echidna_545, the user who also happened to leak the runtimes of most WandaVision episodes, which all proved accurate. In addition to being 54 minutes long, the Redditor also says Daniel Brühl's Baron Zemo will, in fact, appear after being teased last week.

When spoke with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner earlier this month, the writer confirmed fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get to see the origins of Zemo throughout the series.

"It's all front and center," Spellman said of Zemo's evolution in the Disney+ series. "And it's funny because as we did different iterations of this, all the stuff you're talking about, who Zemo is, what he did in his past for his country, where that mask came from, all just became tangled into one personal storyline of a man whose country, city, and family were destroyed by superheroes who he views as villains, right?"

"Zemo believes he's a hero in this series," the writer added. "All of that is tethered to something very, very personal for him and I got to say, man, Daniel Brühl, like, you know Sebastian [Stan] and Anthony [Mackie] can take everything out of the park but Daniel Brühl was like I'm going to steal every scene I'm in if I can. He was great."

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