Does 'Falcon and Winter Soldier' Series Mean Bucky Won't Be the New Captain America?

During Disney's shareholders event where they revealed details about the new streaming service, Marvel Studios might have stolen the show with confirmations of new series in the works. It will be the superhero juggernaut's first foray into scripted series, as Marvel Television handles all their other shows.

Marvel Studios' new series will feature all of the same actors from their blockbuster movies, including Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprising their titular roles in Falcon and Winter Soldier. But this new series might reveal Marvel's plans for the future of the MCU — and Captain America.

Many fans are fearing the worst will happen to Steve Rogers, especially as Chris Evans has addressed his eventual exit numerous times over recent years. But the announcement of his sidekicks getting their own spinoff series might mean that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will not be following the path taken in the comic books, or that there's a long-term plan in play.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers is assassinated and then Bucky Barnes takes his place, honoring his partner after being successfully deprogramed as the Winter Soldier. Bucky takes on the mantle of Cap for years until the events of Fear Itself, where Bucky is "killed" and Steve has returned, prompting him to return to his duties.

But Stan has downplayed rumors of him becoming Cap in the MCU, telling Vanity Fair that it would have to be unique approach to the character.

"I mean look, it would have to be a very different Captain America, like it just wouldn't be the same," Stan said. "In the comic books it was always interesting because it was an emotional turmoil - there was a guilt there that was driving that character. Because of Steve's absence, it sort of felt like the guy [Bucky] had to once again carry on this vision that his best friend had for years, and what he stood for."

But with "The Winter Soldier" mantle carrying on in the new Disney+ series, it looks like Bucky will continue to forge his own path — not as Cap OR as the newly christened White Wolf.


Falcon also had a shot as Captain America in recent years, though he too returned to his Falcon persona.

We'll see what plans are in store for Falcon and the Winter Soldier after Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters on April 26th.