Fantastic Four Reboot Will Have Different Origin, Sue Storm Is Adopted

Schmoeville is reporting a new rumor for the upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four, suggesting that Susan Storm will be adopted.

There's been some concern among fans about the status of the Storm family in the films following the casting of Michael B. Jordan, an African American, as Johnny Storm and Kate Mara, a white actress, as his sister, Susan.

Most assumed that Johnny would have simply been adopted, but that situation became more complex when Reg E. Cathay, also African American, was cast as siblings' father, Dr. Franklin Storm.

There weren't too many options left at that point. Johnny and Susan would have to be stepsiblings, or maybe half-siblings, or Susan would have had to have been the one who was adopted. It seems the third option is what the film has chosen to work with.

The report also suggests that the film was have a non-traditional origin for the Fantastic Four, somewhat more in line with the version seen in Ultimate Fantastic Four. Rather than going to space and getting their powers from cosmic rays the Fantastic Four will gain their powers via a science experiment gone wrong that opens a portal to another world or dimension.

Marvel films leaning heavily on the Ultimate Universe is not new, and makes sense considering the Ultimate line was designed to be easily accessible to new fans and to have a cinematic feel too it. Marvel's Avengers franchise looks and feels much more like Mark Millar and Brian Hitch's Ultimates than it does does Lee and Kirby's original Avengers comics, for example.

The Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters on August 7, 2015.