Kevin Feige Gushes Over Black Panther's High-Class Storytelling

With Black Panther recently finishing filming, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe solo adventure of T'Challa and the people of Wakanda is picking up steam on the hype train and is moving full steam ahead. Just last week, Marvel Studios held an open house at their new California offices and showcasing director Ryan Coogler's movie was a top priority and that was no coincidence — the executives at the House of Ideas know they have something big on their hands.

Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind the MCU, knows Black Panther is one of the most anticipated movies on the Marvel slate, and that's including juggernauts like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Infinity War.

"I think it's two things," Feige told pop culture website Vulture. "Black Panther is a huge part of the Marvel Comics mythology, and has been for 50-plus years. Other than his awesome, relatively brief appearance in Civil War, his history has been relatively untapped."

Not only will Black Panther bring Wakandan lore to life, it's a movie that features one of the best casts a Marvel movie has ever seen. Chadwick Boseman is reprising his role as the Wakandan king T'Challa and joining him includes an ensemble cast including Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland), Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave), Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead), Angela Basset (American Horror Story), Michael B. Jordan (Creed), and Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out).

"Every day, seeing that cast come together … it's just amazing," Feige reflected. "Across the board, it's the highest-class cast we've had on a first movie."

Feige went on to reiterate his excitement for the movie and the diversity of the cast.
"The cast looks different than any of the other casts that we've had. Both in front of and behind the camera, it's almost entirely people of color," he said. "Which I think is a special, important thing, and one of the reasons the film will be unique and as great as I think it's going to be."

Black Panther follows T'Challa who, after the events of Captain America: Civil War, returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to take his place as King. However, when an old enemy reappears on the radar, T'Challa's mettle as King and Black Panther is tested when he is drawn into a conflict that puts the entire fate of Wakanda and the world at risk.

The film stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Andy Serkis. Additional cast members include Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Florence Kasumba, Sterling K. Brown, and John Kani.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

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Black Panther will be in theaters on February 16, 2018. Are you excited to see T'Challa back in action? Let us know in the ComicBook Anticipation Rankings below!

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