Fox X-Men TV Series Casts First Actor

Blair Redford is the first actor to officially join the cast of the untitled X-Men series coming [...]

Blair Redford is the first actor to officially join the cast of the untitled X-Men series coming to Fox. The actor will play a character currently referred to as "Sam," who EW reports is "the strong-headed Native American leader of the underground network."

The series, currently ordered to pilot, will revolve around a family with human parents and a mutant child on the run from a government cracking down on rogue mutants. They join an underground network to stay alive - and it seems that will be led by Redford's character, Sam.

The first thought when hearing "an underground network of mutants" for X-Men fans is the Morlocks, a group of mutants who lived literally underground in the sewers of New York, and most of whom had deformities or obvious mutations that wouldn't allow them to live above ground amongst regular humans. Traditionally, that group was led by a character named Callisto.

There have been several Native American mutants, though arguably the most popular and well-known is a female character, Dani Moonstar, who we'll see in New Mutants on the big screen. The most prominent male mutants include the X-Men Thunderbird and Warpath, brothers John and James Proudstar. However there's one that would be an interesting wrench in the series: Forge. The character's given name has never been revealed in the pages of Marvel Comics, and he's a bit of a blank slate. Forge's power to invent solutions to almost any problem would certainly come in handy as a leader and as someone on the run, too.

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Blair Redford has had several TV roles, including a recurring role on Switched at Birth and a recurring role as Ethan Whitehorse, another Native American character on The Lying Game.

Bryan Singer is directing and executive producing the untitled X-Men pilot, and Matt Nix is showrunning the series. The series, like Legion that just debuted on FX, is a joint production between Fox and Marvel TV.

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