Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds Regrets Not Using THIS Avengers Weapon

 Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy have been on a bit of a roll for the past few months. The pair have officially worked on two projects together with Free Guy and The Adam Project. Both films were met with praise and there were inquiries as to whether the two would work together again. That is until last week, when it was officially revealed that Levy would direct Reynolds in the upcoming third Deadpool film for Marvel Studios.

Until they begin filming Deadpool 3 you can get your Levy/Reynolds/Marvel fix by rewatching Free Guy. Free Guy is well equipped with a bunch of Marvel and Star Wars nods that include a lightsaber, Captain America's shield, and the Incredible Hulk's arm. If you were wondering if there could have been more Marvel Studios nods in the film, Reynolds revealed, in a new interview with Variety, that we could have seen another key Avengers' weapon– Thor's Mjolnir.

After the Fox/Disney merger, Levy and Reynolds wrote to Disney asking if they could use Captain America's Shield, Hulks hand and a lightsaber, and the studio approved on the basis that they'd use one or two but the duo took the liberty of using all of them.

"This is where it did get borderline lawless. I said, 'I think this is the perfect opportunity to ask for forgiveness.' I interpreted this as using all of them." Reynolds explained to the trade. "I do regret that we didn't do something with Thor's hammer. At that point, they had already made a tiny little purchase of Fox Studios, so we were technically a Disney movie anyway."

Free Guy VFX Supervisor Swen Gillberg previously revealed to us that Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy contacted their "Super Powerful" friends to make those Marvel and Star Wars references happen.

"We always like to say that we're going to reuse assets, but over time, the technology changes enough where we pretty much redo them every time," Gillberg told us. "Getting permission to use those is super, super hard and usually impossible. And that was all Shawn and Ryan texting all of their super powerful friends. So that was amazing to watch happen because getting permission to use light sabers and Hulk fists and Captain Americashields, that's very, very rare and privilege. And that's really a tribute to the connections and relationships that Shawn and Ryan have."

What did you think about Free Guy's use of Captain America's Shield and Hulk's arm? Do you think they should have used Thor's hammer? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @NateBrail up on Twitter!