Funko Immortal Hulk PX Exclusive Pop Figure Includes a Chase and Variant Comic

Funko's latest Previews Exclusive Pop figure comes from the pages of Marvel's Immortal Hulk comic [...]


Funko's latest Previews Exclusive Pop figure comes from the pages of Marvel's Immortal Hulk comic book from Al Ewing and Joe Bennett. The 6-inch Pop depicts Hulk flickering with gamma radiation and crushing the Earth in the palm of his hand (no doubt inspired by the cover of Immortal Hulk #24).

When it comes to adding the Immortal Hulk PX Exclusive Pop figure to your collection, you have two options. You can pre-order the Pop figure by itself or with a Funko variant cover of Immortal Hulk #46, which is set to be released in May, 2021. Regardless of the option you choose, you'll have a chance to score the extra rare glow-in-the-dark Chase Pop which will be shipped randomly. Pre-orders for the standalone figure are available here at Entertainment Earth for $24.99. Pre-orders for the variant comic bundle are available here for $34.99.


If you haven't checked out Immortal Hulk yet, you can get caught up here on Comixology. Note that the highly-acclaimed series is set to end with issue #50. A previously released Professor Hulk PX Exclusive Pop figure with a variant of Immortal Hulk #39 is still available if you want to grab it.

The official description for Immortal Hulk reads:

"Is he man or monster...or is he both? You know Bruce Banner. He's quiet, calm, never complains. He's a scientist who believes he can use the darkest elements of his personality to do good in the world. If someone were to shoot him in the head...all he'd do is die. But the horror lives deeper. And the horror refuses to die. When night falls, something other than the man gets up again. The horror is the Immortal Hulk! And though he cannot die, the Hulk is being hunted yet again. By the government, by Alpha Flight, by the mysterious Shadow Base - and by the Avengers! But Bruce has even bigger problems. Something terrible has infected him. Something with unspeakable plans for humanity. And the only one who knows about this dark the Immortal Hulk!"

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