Funko Transforms Marvel Superheroes Into Gingerbread Cookie Pops for the Holidays


Today is Day 2 of Funko's Festival of Fun event, which showcases the holiday-themed Pop figures, advent calendars, and games that they have in store for the 2021 holiday season. Each year Funko delivers a wave of festive Marvel Pop figures, and 2021 will be no different - except for the gingerbread.

As you can see, the big twist with the new wave of Christmas-themed Marvel Pop figures is that each hero is depicted as a gingerbread cookie. We love it - even if they aren't scented and don't come packaged with a matching cookie cutter. Still, using these Funko Pops as inspiration for your own holiday cookie recipes would be a fun idea.


Pre-orders for the Marvel gingerbread cookie wave of Funko Pops are live here at Entertainment Earth, here at Walmart, and here on Amazon now. A Diamond Collection Thor is a Hot Topic exclusive that you can pre-order here. A Thanos exclusive will arrive in the Funko Shop as an exclusive in the near future.

As noted, they're part of Funko's Festival of Fun 2021 event - you can keep track of all of their holiday offerings right here via our master list. You can get even more details on the latest and greatest Funko Pop releases right here. Some recent headlines include:


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