Ms. Marvel Is Preparing for Her Anime Debut

The Future Avengers anime series on Disney D-Life is going to be adapting the character of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), and you can get a look at her below!

Yuzo Sato directs the Madhouse series, which brings back the voice cast of Toei's Disc Wars Avengers.

Kamala Khan is Marvel's first major superhero of Muslim faith, a Pakistani-American from Jersey City who was caught in the Terrigenesis wave that swept Earth, and emerged from the change as a "polymorph," able to shift any part of her body into virtually anything she can imagine. As one of her biggest idols was Carol Danvers (in her Ms. Marvel phase), Kamala took on the mantle of her hero.

Future Avengers - Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel is just one of the more modern Marvel characters that Future Avengers has highlighted. Head over to Crunchyroll for a look at characters like Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Captain Marvel, and, of course, Deadpool!