Former 'Gambit' Director Rupert Wyatt Wants to Do A Ragman Film

Once upon a time, director Rupert Wyatt was set to direct Gambit for 20th Century Fox, a movie [...]

Once upon a time, director Rupert Wyatt was set to direct Gambit for 20th Century Fox, a movie that's been in development hell for what seems to be an eternity. Though he eventually moved on to greener pastures, Wyatt still hasn't ruled out doing a superhero movie sometime.

In fact, Wyatt admitted to that'd he love to have a shot at doing a Ragman film. Speaking with to help promote his upcoming sci-fi thriller Captive State, Wyatt revealed that the mystical DC Comics character was his "grail" of sorts.

"I think Ragman is an untapped gold mine," Wyatt says. "I love that character from DC."

We asked Wyatt if he's thought about a potential Ragman story, but the directed admitted he hadn't thought about it all too much.

"I never really fully thought it through, but I remember reading the comics and really digging him," mentions Wyatt. "So yeah. I just think there's something to be done there. I love the fact that he was a Vietnam vet as well. I mean, you form with the adapted to the modern day, I think there's a notion of what it means to be a veteran coming back to peacetime or a society like ours today after a time of war. That's a story that really interests me."

Ragman wouldn't be a character entirely new to live-action. The Rory Regan version of the character appeared in over half the episodes of Arrow Season Five, played by actor Joe Dinicol. As it stands now, the character is still alive in-universe as he's off on an adventure of self-reflection and the like.

As for Gambit, the film continues in development hell as its future remains uncertain with the impending Disney and Fox merger. Should Disney — read, Marvel Studios — decide to move forward with a Gambit flick, one would expect they'd need to introduce mutants to the Marvel Cinematic Universe beforehand.

Captive State is out in theaters March 15th.

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