Gabriel Luna Talks Ghost Rider Joining The Defenders or Midnight Sons

Agents of SHIELD has successfully launched a new Ghost Rider into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, [...]

Agents of SHIELD has successfully launched a new Ghost Rider into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and talk is mounting for the character to get his own spinoff into something like a Netflix series.

We sat down with Ghost Rider actor Gabriel Luna to talk about the character's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He revealed that there are definite plans in place for Ghost Rider to move on to the Netflix corner of the MCU, and went on to discuss where he would personally like to see the character find a place.

According to Luna, "I think it'd be cool to see Blade, and The Punisher, and Strange and that whole Midnight Sons kind of run. And you have the Dark Avengers - you've got all these teams that The Ghost Rider slides into... I love that idea, that potential."

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For those unfamiliar, "Midnight Sons" was a team of Marvel Comics' supernatural heroes (like Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Morbius, Blade and The Nightstalkers) who banded together in the '90s to take on big supernatural threats like Lilth the demon queen. The brand didn't last that long, but has since earned a cult following as a potential big addition to the MCU.

We here at picked Midnight Sons as one of the top MCU sub-universes we want to see established. With DC bringing its own supernatural superhero team in Dark Universe, Midnight Sons seems like a great idea for Marvel Netflix to explore.

But what about The Defenders? Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are all establishing themselves as heroes who will eventually band together to save NYC, and new heroes like The Punisher are going to be joining the fight. So is there room for Ghost Rider to inheret his Defenders mantle from the comic books?

According to Luna, it's not likely, since, "as far as going and joining The Defenders: they seem to have NYC and Hell's Kitchen on lock, so I'd just love to see more West Coast heroes."

He's got a point there: One of the best potential ways for Ghost Rider to headline his own series would be as an LA-based superhero. New York has quite a few of its own, already.

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Agents of SHIELD: Ghost Rider will return on Tuesday, November 29 @ 10/9c on ABC. The Defenders is expected sometime in 2017.